Purposed Heart Ministries

Worship on Purpose, with a Purpose

Our goal at Purposed Heart Ministries is to partner with churches in any state, across the nation and anywhere in the world to begin a transformation from worship services rooted in, “We worship the way we always have” into “We worship with vision and intentionality!”

All Churches Means All Churches!!!

With over 25 years of experience, we are ready to help any church, regardless of age, size, location, denomination, geographic region, or financial resources in all areas of worship. These areas include music, prayer, preaching, and yes, important and often overlooked areas like ushers, facilities, sound and media, signage and even parking!

Supportive Journey

Committing to a new path for worship in your church can be a challenge. Our personal commitment is to listen to you first! We will then help you focus on the important steps needed for growth, followed by planning that supports your (and God’s!) vision for worship in your church. We help you refine and clarify the vision of your future goals, and work with you by providing understanding, support and finally accountability as these steps lead to lasting spiritual growth in and through worship.

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