Month: March 2019

Modernizing Worship Part 2

What role does the past play in your current worship designs and how might clinging to the past dull the reality that Christ still speaks in fresh ways and fresh voices in our worship. Listen as we talk about how honoring the past by presenting worship in new ways also honors the truth that God is forever: past, present and future.

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Worship Planning: Modernizing any style worship service

No matter how old or new a worship service is, content and presentation are not the only factors in determining how “modern” a worship service may be. Take a listen as we explore 2 key parts of postmodern culture and how these can be seen and expressed in your worship service for a modern, up today feel regardless of the style you use to proclaim the gospel.

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Getting Your Church Ready for Visitors

Christmas, Easter, and Back to School are the the biggest days for visitors at your church. But when your church building is not ready to welcome them, you will be unlikely to get them to return regardless of how great your worship service may be. Here is a step by step plan to get the buildings and grounds of your church ready to welcome them so that they can experience ...

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