Month: June 2019

Optimize Your A/V System

Every church has a sound system, lights, maybe projection and even cameras. Getting the most out of this very large financial investment makes good fiscal and stewardship sense. Before you run out an buy a bunch of new things, take the time to learn how to maximize what you have. You may be very pleasantly surprised.

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The Vital Role of the Volunteer

Our volunteers can be both a joy and a difficulty as we work with them in ministry. Ultimately how they perform is often a result of how we have managed them. This week I talk about how to have a great relationship with volunteers in worship ministry.

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God Be In My Head (Series on Spiritual Focus)

In part 2 of this series on a spiritual focus in worship, I talk about spirit led planning. Preparing and planning worship should be an invitation for God’s spirit to be present in that work. Here are steps that any worship planner can follow to build worship that is invitational to the presence of God, rather than asking God to be present in spite of our plan.

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