Month: November 2019

Fighting Fair: Be the Example

It is all well and good to know how to fight fair, but being the example when we are attacked can be the most difficult part. This week we explore how to exemplify a compassionate and forgiving fighter just as Jesus set the example for all who saw and followed him.

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Fighting Fair: Agree to Disagree

Refusing to listen and work together because you have to have your way is not fighting fair. Agree to Disagree was once one of our best features as a church and as a society at large. Today this ability is quickly finishing much to our detriment. We need to rediscover how to agree to disagree so that we can find common ground in order to put ministry first.

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Fighting Fair: Building Up Without Tearing Down

Fighting fair is as much about what we say about others as it is about what we say about ourselves. When we have to tear down someone else’s position in order to lift up our own, we are portraying ourselves as the attacker instead of a leader of thought. This week we talk about how to build a position on its own merits instead of tearing down another.

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