Month: December 2019

Being the Baby

When we look at the Baby Jesus and think about our ministries, I am struck by two possible approaches: "Are we keeping our ministries as a “baby” and not letting them grow up?" and “Are we no longer able to look at our ministries through the fresh, awestruck eyes of a baby?” Each of these is an important point of view that we will explore together this week.

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Worship Servant: Serving God

It can be very easy to get so involved in doing our ministries that we lose sight of actually “serving God.” We lump our ministry into a blanket form of God service when actually we are missing the opportunities we need to serve God directly. This week we look at three specific areas where our service to God could usually be much better.

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Worship Servant: Servant Leader

As we start this new podcast series looking at what it means to be a true servant in worship, we begin with our roles as leaders. What does it mean to be a servant leader in the areas of music and pastoring? Join me this week as we talk about practical examples of being a servant leader in the areas of worship in the church.

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