Month: February 2020

Choosing Music for Worship: It is hot right now!

Choosing Music for Worship  As I begin a new, long term sub ministry in a contemporary service, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on my habits and thought processes when it comes to choosing music in worship. Each week I will look at a different aspect of choosing music and the important questions we should ask as we work to develop the worship life of our church. ...

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How Firm a Foundation

As we work to launch into new directions, it is important to stop and assess the strength of our base. In today’s podcast, we talk about four key areas that must be carefully tended to so that we can stay strong in our ministry.

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As we focus hard on finding new ways to do things, let's not forget all of the wonderful things that we have done in the past. Sometimes it is from digging through memories that we find inspiration for the future. This week we explore the value of memories and three practical ways to begin remembering the past for its valuable contributions.

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