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Why Purposed Heart

Dr. Craig Gilbert Executive Director

Dr. Craig Gilbert is the founder and lead consultant of Purposed Heart Ministries. With over 25 years of experience leading and designing worship for churches of all sizes, Dr. Gilbert is a qualified expert in the area of worship renewal. A gifted speaker, teacher and writer with an international reputation, Dr. Gilbert has provided guidance to many churches across the country as well as personally instructing over 5,000 worship pastors and worship leaders from across the globe on a variety of congregational worship issues. Craig is a national faculty member of the National Worship Leader Conference, member of the Advisory Board of Worship Leader Magazine, former contributing editor to Worship Sound and Song Magazine, and founder and Director of TheWorshipDoctor.com worship leader training and development ministry.

Do you . . .

. . . wish you could stop having the same old arguments about musical style, worship environment, lighting, dress, sound, and any number of other things your congregation cannot agree on about worship?

. . . long for a congregation that comes to church ready to worship every week?  Not simply participate, although better participation would be nice. No, I am talking about eager anticipation for engaging with God through the worship you lead.

Can you . . .

. . . imagine your church worship providing the spark that not only ignites during the service, but empowers people through God’s Spirit to go out and make a difference in the world?

. . . find encouragement if you knew that your congregation decided to come to worship passionately seeking God and God’s will for their lives even before they ever left their homes?

Are you . . .

. . . tired of the merry-go-round of new “innovative” products and ideas that constantly bombard you as you try to keep up with the latest in worship offerings (or if we are honest, keep up with the church down the street)?

. . . longing for a worship resource that is a renewal of spiritual depth and power, not a redesign of what is offered on the platform?

What if . . .

. . . there was a way to make the worship experience at your church have a greater impact, every Sunday, week in and week out and it did not involve a new song, or a new piece of equipment, or a new staff member?

. . . the power and quality of worship did not ride on your shoulders every week, but instead was shared by the whole church actively seeking God?

. . . there was a vision (and a resource) that could help you reach your congregation with new power and a spirit of renewal; or as it says in Revelations, a rebirth of that first love your church had for God, using the equipment, people and resources that you already have?