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Solving the Monitor Mess

So many leaders struggle with the soundcheck/ monitor mix process. Everyone in the group wants to hear what they need and you and the sound tech are driven crazy by 4 words, “ I need more _____!” This week we look at ways to solve this issue and some of the basic misunderstandings about building a solid monitor mix, especially for those groups who do not have In-Ear Monitors.

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Words for Powerful Worship: Relationship

One of the key goals of any worship service should be the building of relationships. There are three key relationships that are developed in worship. The building of relationship in and of itself is a key ingredient in powerful, transforming worship that ultimately grows the church. This week we identify those relationships and talk about what it takes to make them a meaningful part of our worship experience.

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The Vital Role of the Volunteer

Our volunteers can be both a joy and a difficulty as we work with them in ministry. Ultimately how they perform is often a result of how we have managed them. This week I talk about how to have a great relationship with volunteers in worship ministry.

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