Choosing Music for Worship: It is hot right now!

Choosing Music for Worship 

As I begin a new, long term sub ministry in a contemporary service, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on my habits and thought processes when it comes to choosing music in worship. Each week I will look at a different aspect of choosing music and the important questions we should ask as we work to develop the worship life of our church. I will spend time with issues that apply to both traditional and contemporary services, as well as all worship styles in general. Good music selection practices apply to us all. 

It is hot right now!

The driving force behind the rapid change in music being used in churches today is the worship music industry churning out more and more new music. Music Directors often feel compelled to offer their churches the “latest and greatest” music. With the rate that new music comes out today, this can lead to a disposable approach to the musical language of our churches that literally mirror’s Top 40 radio. Is that the best way to choose music for worship? In this podcast, I will give you a few questions to ask of those new songs before you slide them into your worship music rotation. 

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