How do we know if custom coaching is right for our church?

It is our belief that any and all churches benefit from help that is specifically tailored to the needs of each church. There is a lot of information out there and many sources of help available. However, while attaining information may seem easy, (and yes, often free), selecting the appropriate measures and applying those measures in ways that assure success can be very difficult without the insight of an outside expert. Having a new set of eyes and years of experience to come alongside church leaders to fashion a way forward for each specific church is something that can only be achieved through custom coaching. 

How will my church be sure it is receiving custom information?

Dr. Gilbert has an extensive evaluation process that involves personal conversations with church leaders to identify the areas of concern for each church. Then, through further evaluation and application of his knowledge and experience, Dr. Gilbert develops a clear, custom plan to achieve the goals unique to each church situation. No two problems are alike and therefore no two solutions will be alike. 


Is custom coaching expensive?

While custom coaching is not free, Dr. Gilbert understands that every church has different levels of resources. Dr. Gilbert works very closely with each church to develop a custom plan that will succeed in addressing the concerns and needs of the church while at the same time working within the budgetary abilities of each church.