Why Worship Training?

Discovering the positive benefits of professional worship coaching

Discovering the positive benefits of professional worship coaching

In this episode Craig discusses some of the common questions asked by those considering bringing in outside help to address worship growth, evaluation and incorporating new ideas. 

This may be the most frequent question I get when I talk to pastors and worship leaders about what I do for churches. People say to me, “I know how to worship. I have been going to church my whole life. Why would I possibly need a coach or any kind of worship training?” Well, the reality is, if I can be frank with you for a moment, that just because you know how to do something does not mean that you are necessarily good at it, or at least that you are not as good as you could be!

Think about it for a minute. You know how to run, you know how to speak, you probably know how to write, etc. Yet in all of these things coaching and training are not only recognized as beneficial, they are highly sought after. So, why not worship, in both private and congregational situations? As in these other areas, a coach provides an outside point of view that can affirm what we do well and identifies areas for improvement.

The coach then creates exercises and challenges to provide a path forward to change. Purposed Heart Ministries was created to provide support to churches of all sizes and denominations to identify and affirm areas fo strength as well as highlight areas for improvement in all aspects of the modern church. So, what do you get from worship training?

Intentionality– We learn to worship with a purpose that is not solely dependent on what has been handed down or what merely “feels right.”

Study– Churches teach all kinds of things but rarely do they provide a structured study in the area of worship. This type of study can help lead to an intentional worship process that improves the quality of the worship experience for everyone.

Meaning– We learn what worship truly means for the worshipers and for the church. From that meaning we gain a more intentional progression in worship.

History– Learning to worship means a better understanding through knowledge of the origins of what we do in worship. Where did this song come from, this prayer, this liturgy, ec.

Biblical Understanding– Worship training can provide a better, stronger biblical foundation for all that we do in our worship lives.

In all of these examples and many more, instruction and coaching provides an opportunity for growth for everyone. The same is true of our worship services. There are many places in worship where our natural tendencies are actually counter to what the Bible teaches God intends for worship.

A well-structured worship plan specifically tailored to your needs is what Purposed Heart Ministries offers every day. This blog, the podcast, our DVD teaching series are all ways to begin. When you and your church are ready, one-on-one visits can lead to a custom program just for your church.

Are you ready to grow in worship again? Listen to our podcast below. Then, contact us and let us help.

And come back here to find more answers to some of the most pressing questions in the worship life of the modern church.

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